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I love this technique. I have had a lot of good results using it with physical symptoms. Headaches, neck tightness and pain, sugar cravings, etc. I used it on my chemically sensitive daughter when she was in a full meltdown after a perfume-filled day at school. It helped with the emotional symptoms but didn't hold well.

With my autistic son, I tapped one night as a surrogate for "focus and attention", "hearing what people are saying", "better social connection" and "neurological symptoms". The next morning, for the first time, he got dressed without prompting at each step while watching the news on television. An absolute first. Doing two things at the same time. This didn't carry over to the next day, but I was impressed. I think that the chemically injured, as well as much of the autistic population are, well, full of toxins and this makes tapping and the results of tapping inconsistent. I'm also chemically sensitive and get my best result tapping in the shower (well water, no chlorine).

Linda Johnson